Co-founder - Cricbuzz.com

In today’s world, there is immense value and tremendous focus on quant based equity portfolio. Most of my portfolio is being managed by Dev, and I have deep trust in his abilities to manage my funds in equity markets using quantitative methodologies. He has a laser sharp focus on risk management, ability to identify right opportunities and a highly disciplined approach towards capital allocation and market profiling. I am quite happy with the way he has been managing and growing my wealth.

Group CFO - PropTiger.com, Housing.com and Makaan.com

Dev was introduced to me by one of my friend for equity advisory services. Since then he is more of a friend than a financial advisor. He is very sharp in his understanding of equity markets. The best part is he is calculative in his approach and does not get influenced by swings in the market. He is prompt in attending to any request / queries at anytime and make himself available for consultation as per my convenience even over weekends. Overall its a wonderful experience of building a stock portfolio (my retirement plan 🙂) with Dev.

Retired Sr. IAS officer

I had always invested in fixed deposits and similar fixed return based safe classes. I always considered equities risky and preferred to stay away from them. After a detailed discussion with Dev on his investment philosophy and focus on risk management, I started with a small amount with them. I had a very positive experience with them in terms of their discipline and selection of stocks based on my risk appetite. I have increased my allocation with them significantly and would recommend them to everyone who is looking to have a good experience with their equity investments.

Head, Govt and Industry Relations, Ericsson India

My journey with Dev as my investment advisor began few years ago and our relationship has grown stronger over the years. The most important factors for me to continue and grow my investments with Dev has been his process driven approach and discipline in his day to day work. Whatever was discussed a few years ago has never ever seen any deviation whether in the nature of the portfolio, type of stocks or  allocation to individual stocks. The second factor has been transparency. Money and trust are inherently joined at the hip and transparency is the bedrock for such trust. Dev has surprised me with his level of transparency even at times when the markets and portfolios are down.

President - Sara Futura Group

Dev has been managing my investments from last 2.5 years. I am very impressed by his risk management and disciplined approach to manage investments. His advice on which stocks to buy, hold and exit is very effective. Also dynamic asset allocation done by him helps in preserving capital and growing the wealth in a systematic manner. The other thing I like about him is that I can reach out to him for advice or suggestions on even my broader portfolio outside and his inputs have helped me get the best deal. Truly he is your wealth manager and not only your portfolio manager. 

Head - Equity Solutions Desk, Bank Muscat

I have shared a pretty long relationship with Dev and I am extremely happy with the way he has grown my wealth over the years. His philosophy of holding the strengths and exiting the weaknesses ensures that I am always in the right stocks for adequate tenure. His focus on risk management, process and discipline results in a fine balance between capital preservation during tough times and capital growth during good times. I would highly recommend him to investors looking to grow their wealth.