Five Capital - Quantitative Investment Advisory

Five Capital - Quantitative Investment Advisory

About Us

Five Capital is founded by Devendra Bairathi, a SEBI registered Investment Adviser and an alumnus of IIT-BHU, Varanasi and ISB, Hyderabad. Since 2009, we have focused on providing superior service, planning, and execution - putting our clients’ interests ahead of our own. No matter where you may live or work, if you need comprehensive financial life management services, we are available to assist you.

Our mission is simple: To help families thrive through financial health. We do that by taking charge of the often complicated and challenging task of managing their financial lives. No matter what financial issue you may face, we are here to help. Those issues might include managing your daily finances, designing an investment management strategy that makes sense for you, or creating a long-term multi-asset class investment plan for you and your family. Our job is bigger than managing an investment portfolio or creating a financial plan. Our job is to help you achieve your goals and we are prepared to travel any path necessary to help you accomplish that end.

Because our services are fee-only, we do not accept referral fees, commissions, “trailers” or any other form of compensation that would create a conflict of interest with our clients. Further, we don’t sell commissioned products. So, our clients can be rest assured we’re guided by their best interests, not our own opportunities for financial reward.

SEBI IA Registration Number: INA000004039


Piyush Agrawal, Co-founder,

In today’s world, there is immense value and tremendous focus on quant based equity portfolio. Most of my portfolio is being managed by Dev, and I have deep trust in his abilities to manage my funds in equity markets using quantitative methodologies. He has a laser sharp focus on risk management, ability to identify right opportunities and a highly disciplined approach towards capital allocation and market profiling. I am quite happy with the way he has been managing and growing my wealth.

Vikas Wadhawan, Group CFO -, and

Dev was introduced to me by one of my friend for equity advisory services. Since then he is more of a friend than a financial advisor. He is very sharp in his understanding of equity markets. The best part is he is calculative in his approach and does not get influenced by swings in the market. He is prompt in attending to any request / queries at anytime and make himself available for consultation as per my convenience even over weekends. Overall its a wonderful experience of building a stock portfolio (my retirement plan 🙂) with Dev.

Mukul Goel, Head - Equity Solutions, Bank Muscat, Oman

I have shared a pretty long relationship with Dev and I am extremely happy with the way he has grown my wealth over the years. His philosophy of holding the strengths and exiting the weaknesses ensures that I am always in the right stocks for adequate tenure. His focus on risk management, process and discipline results in a fine balance between capital preservation during tough times and capital growth during good times. I would highly recommend him to investors looking to grow their wealth.