Five Capital - Quantitative Equity Investment Advisory

Five Capital is a quantitative research based Investment Advisory firm. 

Five Capital

Our philosophy

We provide systematic quant based investment advisory to our clients. We follow below mentioned five principles to manage and advise investments - 

1. Well defined, documented and back tested quant based Investment process 

2. Discipline

3. Risk Management 

4. Patience to see the investment growing steadily

5. Keep the winners and exit the losers

We believe that returns in the markets are by product of what we are doing and hence we focus more on our actions than on returns. 

A well defined and researched investment process followed with discipline and proper risk management shall deliver above average returns in the long run.

Investment Process

Why Quantitative methods based Investing?

  • Investing based on statistical research and mathematical models
  • Enforces discipline into the entire investment process 
  • Keeps the winners and exits the losers in a systematic way 
  • Absolute clarity over exit point even before any investment is made
  • Unbiased, emotionless and methodical way of trading and investing
  • Track each investment on real time basis without any delay and missing any pattern
  • Covers large universe of stocks across the sectors

Investment Strategies


1. Quant Largecap Equity Investing

2. Quant Midcap Equity Investing

3. Quant Contra Investing

4. Equity Arbitrage 

5. Dynamic Asset Allocation

6. Long Short Trading Strategies

7. Mutual Fund Investment

8. Financial Planing

Why Us?

Our Strength

Research - As our entire product suite is based on quantitative research, hence our strength lies in research. We spend significant amount of time and resources in building and enhancing our research capabilities.   

Transparency - We work with you all the time. Our role is to advise you in building a long term sustainable portfolio to achieve your financial goals. All the investment approvals are given by you only based on our research and guidance.   

Client First - As a Registered Investment Adviser, we have a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest at all times. We are independent and not tied up with any fund, PMS or any other financial product provider.    

Fee Structure - We have a very competitive and transparent advisory fee structure.    

Any Time Accessibility - You have direct access to a qualified Investment Adviser for all your investment needs.   

Risk Management

  • Dynamic Debt Equity Asset allocation based on the market movements 
  • Investments into fundamentally strong blue chip companies
  • Clearly defined price and time based entry and exit points
  • Diversification - No investment of more than 5% in a single stock and not more than 20% in a single sector
  • Real time management of all investments 
  • Using debt instruments to generate extra return on the capital whenever capital is not deployed into equity 
  • Through Statistical Research, we intend to take Good  and necessary risk to generate desired risk reward profile 


  • KYC 
  • Risk Profiling 
  • Goals and expectations 
  • Product offering based on requirement and risk profiling 
  • Documentation  


Comin soon.

Important Notes:-

  • The securities and funds of investor always remain in the investor's account only under investor's control. 
  • We have no control on your demat/trading account.
  • Your details are secure with us. We do not share the information or spam you with messages.
  • Investments in securities are subject to market and other risks and there is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of any of the strategies will be achieved. 
  • Clients are NOT being offered any guaranteed/assured returns. 
  • Past performance / Back tested performance of the strategy does not indicate the future performance of any of the strategies.

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