Our Offerings

Financial Planning


Well defined, detailed and personalized financial plan is your guide to set and achieve your personal financial goals. 

Risk Profiling and Goal-based Investing


Preparing for financial goals is serious business. No one wants to be surprised by a shortfall for their key life goals. 

System Driven Equity Investing


A sound investment strategy is the cornerstone to building and preserving wealth, and it is a means to accomplishing your goals. We provide systematic quantitative equity investing strategies for our clients.  

Dynamic Asset Allocation


Successful investing requires a long-term perspective and discipline to avoid making short-term emotional mistakes. Targets and ranges are set for each client's allocation to stocks, bonds and alternatives based on their specific situation.

Direct Plan - Mutual Fund Investments


By investing in Direct Plan of Mutual Funds instead of Regular Plan, not only you save up to 2% of your investment which goes into commissions, also you get access to better performing mutual funds as they are not commission driven.

Portfolio Restructuring


It's never too late to restructure your investment portfolio if its not designed as per your risk profile and your financial goals.

Next Steps


  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Risk Profiling 
  • Financial plan and goal setting  
  • Product offering based on goals and risk profiling 
  • Funds deployment and regular monitoring

Important Information

  • The securities and funds of investor always remain in the investor's account only under investor's control. We do not control your investment accounts.
  • Investments in securities are subject to market and other risks and there is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of any of the strategies will be achieved. 
  • Clients are NOT being offered any guaranteed/assured returns. 
  • Past performance / Back tested performance of the strategy does not indicate the future performance of any of the strategies.